Iyeoka - "Say Yes Evolved" + "Gold" CD Package

"Say Yes Evolved"

1.Broken Hearts Anthem (Walk Away)
2.The Yellow Brick Road Song f bcap
3.Breakdown Mode
4.Simply Falling
5.Soundtrack To Life
6.This Time Around
7.Say Yes
8.Millionaire f bcap
9.Testify f. bcap
10.Happily Ever After
11.I am Descending
12.I Travel Home


1. Who Would Follow
2. Thunder
3. Milk & Honey
4. Black Coffee
5. Kola Nut
6. Pot Of Gold
7. Every Second Every Hour
8. Don’t Wanna Make War
9. Akomen of Udomi
10. Sinnerman
11. Sweet Song
12. Wait For it
13. Hurricane